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Rules and House Rules

  1. Access to the association is allowed only to persons over 18 years of age.

  2. The use of illicit drugs and stimulants is prohibited on the premises of the association, and the entry of a person who is visibly intoxicated or under the influence of drugs may also be prohibited. If a person behaves inappropriately at gatherings or shows any signs of intoxication, the board of directors may expel him from the association's premises, and at the same time he may be prohibited from further membership in the association.

  3. Members are obliged to work for the benefit of the association and must not in any way tarnish the reputation of the association or its name.

  4. As a society of a sexual nature, discretion, cleanliness, health and common sense are crucial and should not be neglected in any way.

  5. Everyone who joins is obliged to read and follow the rules and house rules and the statute of the association, which can be found on our website. 

  6. All data on members are confidential and are kept in accordance with the Regulation on Personal Data Protection (GDPR) and are deleted after one year of inactivity or. leaving the company.

  7. Membership is valid until the revocation of the person who wants to resign from membership, or due to violation of the statute and rules of the association. (A request to withdraw from membership must be made in writing to one of our addresses.)

  8. Donation is desirable, all donors obtain the donor label.

  9. The Board of Directors determines the marks of the members, according to their participation in the projects of the association.

  10. When socializing, dress code is mandatory, which relates to the theme of the event and is recorded in advance at the announcement of the event.

  11. Rules of conduct:

  • The word NO always means NO,

  • The society is engaged in the promotion of eroticism, so free-thinking is obligatory for the members and that they are without prejudices,

  • Care for personal hygiene and personal grooming is mandatory,

  • Active participation of members in events is desirable and expected,

  • Every activity is consensual, under no circumstances should a person be forced into anything he or she would not want,

  • Communication at the cultural level is mandatory,

  • Each member is obliged to take care of order and cleanliness after each activity and to provide other members with a clean space,

  • All preparations and utensils used at events shall be properly cleaned and disinfected by the Management Board,

  • All preparations and utensils used at events shall be placed on the floor after use so that they can be properly disinfected before the next use,

  • All preparations and accessories are for use by all present at the event and may not be appropriated for the duration of the event,

  • After each activity, showering and using soap is mandatory

  1. Workshops and events are limited by the number of people, which will be described at the time of publication of each event.

  2. The policy is subject to change and adjustment.

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