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Membership in the society Black Rose

In order to join the association Črna Vrtnica (hereinafter KD-BlackRose), registration with the association is mandatory by filling out the membership declaration. (You can also send us an unsigned statement electronically and you will sign it when you first arrive) which you can download from our website here (Membership is per person).

All member data is confidential and is managed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and is deleted after one year of inactivity or leaving the association.

In order to join our association, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Person must be over 18 years old (Minors are not allowed to join KD-BlackRose)

  • The Black Rose cultural association (hereinafter KD-BlackRose) can become a member of anyone who has attended our individual scene and conversation with us at least once within 1 year. Your membership is automatically terminated after one year, if you no longer participate in any individual scenes during this time, as you are considered no longer active. As of November 15, 2022, the membership no longer includes a mandatory membership fee, but your donations are welcome if you believe that we have earned them with our efforts towards you. You can read more about donations here.

  • Members are obliged to work for the benefit of the association and must not damage the reputation of the association or its name in any way.

  • Since society is sexual in nature, discretion, cleanliness, health and common sense are vital and should not be neglected in any way. 


  • By completing the declaration of accession, the member undertakes to follow the rules and statutes of the association. From time to time, there will also be gatherings (such as the birthday party of the foundation of the association), some of which will be free of admission for members.

  • Everyone who joins is obliged to read and follow the rules of the association, which can be found here: Rules

  • The person must send the fully completed statement to our email address: or to the address: KD Črna Vrtnica, Ulica Vide Pregarčeve 16, 1000 Ljubljana. Membership becomes active when we receive a declaration of accession and that the person meets the described conditions. Access to the website is granted when the declaration is received and the member registers on the website with the same email address as stated in the accession declaration. (for faster access, please send us a message about your application when you log in to the website.)

  • Membership is valid until canceled by a person who wishes to withdraw from membership or due to a violation of the association's statutes and regulations. (A request to withdraw from membership must be submitted in writing to one of our addresses.)​​

  • In the event that members do not meet all the conditions and are therefore removed from membership, they may re-apply only after one year has passed. It is also possible to re-register after one year for members who decide to terminate their membership.

  • Membership alone does not bring special benefits and is intended for people who want to achieve something more in terms of sexuality and relaxation and who want contact with other like-minded people. With membership or donations, you help the association carry out its mission, and gain full access to the association's website, where you can connect with other members and get information about past events.

  • ATTENTION: OUR SOCIETY IS SEXUAL IN NATURE, BUT WE DO NOT PERFORM PROSTITUTION OR LOOK FOR PARTNERS. In our society we do not offer sexual services and we do not look for girls for your pleasure or vice versa.


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